8 Things I Never Thought I’d Do ‘Til I Was Quarantined

Photo by Brenda Fredericks

1. Paint Mother Mary

2. Take 4 Weeks to Hang 2 Plant Holders

Photo by Brenda Fredericks

3. Hand Wash Laundry in My Bathtub

Photo by Brenda Fredericks, with wet soapy hands

4. Sew Pillows

Photo by Brenda Fredericks, while conversing with Rachel Tannenbaum

5. Prepare for Combat to Go Food Shopping

Photo by Meredith Hamler, roommate extraordinaire

6. Wash Off Every Single Item I Purchased and Drag It in On a Towel

Photo by Brenda Fredericks

7. Cook 3 Meals a Day for Weeks On End

Vegan, Gluten Free Pizza, Photo by Brenda Fredericks

8. Watch My Daughter Jack Off Bananas

Photo by Katya_Havok

Coach & Writer. Musings on being a woman, creator of Body Love, alchemist, mother, brendafredericks.com

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