Luigi’s Grandma’s Homemade Sauce

The story that still breaks my heart a little

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Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

The Recipe

I wish I could relay the full recipe for you, but that is not possible. But, I will say that inside each carefully boiled jar was fresh tomatoes, one fresh basil leaf and a spoonful of sugar.

Finding Gold

When she died in 1992, her sauce process was sadly not carried on inside our family.

Culture Day

I taught 6th grade Social Studies for twenty years and I always began the year by learning about each other’s cultures. I created Culture Day, and kids brought in 1–2 items that demonstrated their culture to the class.


Luigi was a sweet, happy-go-lucky Italian boy. His grandparents were from Italy and on Culture Day, he brought in a tray of ziti with homemade sauce. He shared how his family boiled the jars and then stored them for a year, always using last year’s jars to cook with.

The Gift

The next day, Luigi came to school and told me his grandma wanted me to have a gift. He handed me — YES, a mason jar of that homemade goodness.

Saucy Heartbreak

I never did tell Luigi what happened to that jar. It broke my heart too much to tell him. Luckily, he never asked me how it was.

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