My Leg Hair is Getting Beasty

And 11 Other Solo-Quarantine Happenings


1. Going Gray

selfie by me, with the app Hair Color

2. Paint

photo by me, again

3. Take a Bajillion Selfies

selfies and selfie menagerie by…ME!
Yep, you guessed it — selfies by me — in a mood.

4. Be SO Excited About Garbage Day

garbage selfie by moi

5. Hang My Clothes on the Fire Escape to Dry

fire escape shot by me

6. Become Disgusted with Humanity

Verrazano Bridge disdain for the humans of NYC photo by me

8. Cook My Ass Off

kitchen food porn by, yep, me

9. Washing Dishes all Day Long

10. Mismatch

sitting on the couch, amused by the mismatch selfie by, you guessed it, ME!

10. Photo Journalist the Streets of Brooklyn With the Intention to Write a Very Serious Medium Article Documenting It All

11. Snuggle with My New Teddy Bear

teddy bear selfie by MEEEEEE

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