Wise Women in Heartbreak

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Image by Brenda Fredericks

Research Question

In a moment of heart wrenching grief, I texted 5 women I admire. How the fuck do you handle grief, damnit?

5 + 17 = 22

I was so moved by the responses that I asked 17 more women. The question was simple: How do you heal from heartbreak?

Raw & Unedited: The First 7

1. Celia

47, Scottsdale, Arizona

2. Charmaine

40’s Los Angeles, California

3. Michele

37, San Francisco, California

4. Sasha

35, Larkspur, California

5. Elyna

28, Grass Valley, California

6. Rachel

40, New York, New York

7. Oceana

59, Boston, Massachusetts

Written by

Coach & Writer. Musings on being a woman, creator of Body Love, alchemist, mother, brendafredericks.com

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